Upon acquiring the proper sound formation – including singing posture, breathing pattern, lips position, head and chest resonator, the thing that I care about most is making sure my pupils exercise self control for a proper intonation and a beautiful, aesthetic musical tone. As a classical musician, I pay a lot of attention to detail, working on each song “tone by tone” and “phrase by phrase”. When dealing with a more complex melody line, I often make a note of some phrases to ensure absolute accuracy when performing. With regards to my pupils, I also strive to develop their ability to adapt a song to their own style, while tolerating a song version, which is different to the original. Additionally, I teach different improvisation techniques, enabling my pupils to not only “passively” perform, but “actively” engage in the creative process. My more advanced students are allowed to choose their own repertoire, in order to develop their understanding of what fits their specific capabilities and to build their own style. All of my students have my full support when participating in concerts, festivals or competitions, while I often accompany them personally. Besides ensuring good performances for these events, we also work on my students’ image and artistic behaviour.
Since every student is different and unique, it’s extremely important to have an individual approach, based on trust and a good emotional relationship. That’s why I’m sometimes not only a teacher, but a psychologist, a mother or a friend.
Each and every art is inspired by deep emotions, feelings, personal experiences... When teaching pop and jazz singing, I’m striving to get in touch with my students’ universe. I want them to always feel respected as musicians and individuals, but loved as well.